Corporate Overview

Admerex Solutions, Inc. (ASI), a wholly Filipino-owned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, started its operations in 2007 and is now a business partner to many banks and financial services companies, construction firms, telecommunication companies, and government agencies.

With the primary aim of helping its clients manage their end-to-end customer lifecycle, Admerex provides various business processes that rid their clients of the day-to-day operational hurdles. Admerex offers sales and customer acquisition, appointment setting, customer experience, virtual account management, technical support, debt collection and recovery, fraud monitoring, analytics, and robotic process automation, recruitment solutions, back office support, and other specialized services through its robust contact center facilities located in key cities in the Philippines – Makati, Mandaluyong, and Cebu.

The Admerex Team, composed of 1,500 passionate, driven and hardworking people is committed to:

  • Exemplifying “Best-in-Class” in the implementation and management of solutions offered.
  • Introducing process improvements using industry and historical benchmarks and standard BPO processes.
  • Providing innovative solutions by understanding client insights.
  • Helping clients achieve business growth, customer satisfaction, and retention.


With already 12 years of operations, Admerex has indeed established themselves as a market leader in the industry with their customer-centric and tailor-made solutions. They have likewise strengthened their partnerships with key industry players and is a proud member of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines CCAP) and the Philippine Association of Collection Agencies, Inc. (PACAI).




Record of Excellence

Admerex has focused on making a positive impact to its business partners and their end-customers. Since the company’s inception, they have continuously supported the rapidly growing customer-centric market, covering all business processes in the customer credit life cycle. They enable their business partners to leverage the company’s emerging technologies and strong performance footprint to meet the industry’s fast changing needs.

Continuous innovation has made is possible for Admerex to constantly meet their clients’ business requirements and scalabilities, solve their biggest challenges and contribute to revenue growth. Admerex strives to build long-term relationships and create technology advances in customer experience delivery, thus allowing their clients to efficiently serve their customers. Business partners turn to them in greater numbers to learn how to get more from their existing resources as customer demands rise.

Corporate Values


To be the most respected, admired and preferred BPO Company in the Philippines.


To deliver efficient, world-class services while providing the best financial returns to both our clients and people.


In all our relationships we will demonstrate our steadfast commitment to:

  • Practice highest ethical standards by following with our commitments.

  • Exceed the service delivery requirements of our business partners by performing beyond their expectations.

  • World-class leader in every aspect of our business.

  • Strive for continuous quality improvement for BPO firms and employee satisfaction.

  • Ensures our success by satisfying our customers and increasing shareholder values by producing best financial returns that are entrusted to us.

  • Maintain our competitive edge in all aspects of our services.

Value-added Services

Admerex commits to deliver excellent service and maintain its competitive edge by going the extra mile. The company believes that the key to its success is its commitment to exceed the expectations of business partners.

Process Improvement and Innovation

Admerex identifies, analyzes and improves existing processes within the organization to help keep up with the changing requirements of its clients; thereby allowing them to improve quality, reduce costs, accelerate processes and achieve more efficient results.

Focus on Key Client Relationships

SSince the beginning of its operations, Admerex has built long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners for both small-scale and large-scale campaigns. With the company’s expertise in managing the end-to-end customer lifecycle, clients increasingly entrust their business processes to them and, in turn, benefit from Admerex’s “one-stop-shop” services.

Training and Development

Admerex considers profit as an outcome of managing and developing people well – enabling people means you enable profit. They approach T&D from this standpoint and aim to develop their people to be “best-in-class”; thus creating a positive and significant impact to the processes of their business partners. Their programs not only incorporate the latest market trends, but are also grounded on a hands-on, learner-centered approach that engage and challenge individuals.

Pave the Way to becoming Best-in-Class

Admerex aims to become the preferred business partner in the BPO industry by practicing the highest standards of quality management and executing the industry’s best practices. These are made possible by the skills and knowledge acquired through the years and by benchmarking results with competitors.



Admerex focuses on consistently making a positive impact to the management of their clients’ customer lifecycle – starting from new customer acquisition until debt recoveries. The company likewise leverages its advancements in PTP (People, Technologies, Process) to further expand its suite of services and cover the entire scope of customer management.

Admerex is considered a “one-stop-shop” by its business partners because of the wide range of solutions the company offers. Their clients have directly benefited from their excellent service delivery.



Manpower Availability

Admerex is always ready to expand together with its business partners in terms of staffing requirements. They can immediately deliver the required manpower while still maintaining the highest hiring standards.

Automated Process

Through their automated processes, Admerex aims to deliver “value for money” services to its business partners. With many years of service innovation, processes are combined with technology enablers which lead to tried and tested cost-efficient solutions.

Reduce Cost

A streamlined and seamless approach best describes Admerex’s solutions. One of the significant effects of outsourcing is cost reduction, and Admerex guarantees that their solution will result to savings to your company’s operational expenses.