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Admerex provides their Tele-verfication Services to Security Bank

December 29, 2019

Security Bank joins the extensive list of clients with which its tele-verification service is catered by Admerex. With more than a decade of experience under their belt, this recently launched campaign last November proves that Security Bank's interest in processing systems handled by Admerex has only been strengthened by the passing of time Since the beginning of the year, Security Bank has been growing its relationship with the best-in-class services of Admerex.

Admerex to allow employees to work from home, until further notice.

July 1, 2020

Admerex has just announced that they will now allow employees to work from home, until further notice.

The thriving BPO said Monday that it would let people work remotely, as long as their clients and partners allowed their engagements to be under the said work from home arrangement.
During the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine in March 2020, Admerex quickly mobilized its operations to have people working from home as part of their business continuity strategy during the NCR wide lockdown. From a small work from home population, this has significantly grown as more partners have gradually supported the work from home set-up of Admerex.

With prioritization on employee health and safety, and other pressing issues with public transportation as the primary drivers of the new hybrid operations of Admerex, Admerex has mobilized 35% of their workforce as of today. The 35% covers all company departments and units that Admerex has determined that processes can be done remotely.

Following strict Department of Health and Department of Labor guidelines related to “physical distancing” in the workplace, Admerex will continue to decongest and drive for more employees to work from home.

The drastic change under the so-called “new normal” has seen the entire outsourcing industry pivot to this new set up as well. “It is not just a challenge of continuing the services we committed to our clients, but also continuing the livelihood of our teammates. We established strict protocols on disinfection, tracing, and monitoring of our premises and teammates to ensure that everyone’s health and safety are upheld while they do essential services,” Paulo Aquino, Company COO, asserted as he continues to lead Admerex’s Business Continuity Plan.

“We want the business to carry on uninterrupted. Only until a vaccine for COVID-19 is made available and it is safe for all of our people to go back to the office, maybe we reconsider then. But for now, we feel that this is the best decision given our situation. Over the past several weeks, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes for people to effectively perform their roles and accomplish their tasks at home, and we will continue to learn and innovate as we move forward. On the business side, we have complied with risk and data security requirements of our partners to execute and deploy our contact center agents to work at home, and we are grateful for their support on this Company-wide initiative”, said Briann Alix, Company CMO who is driving the transition to a hybrid work from home and work on-site operations.

Admerex has 1,600 employees, some of whom will still need to go to the office for jobs that can’t be done remotely. It was reported that Admerex is still expanding, acquiring new business with new outsourcing partnerships.

Admerex expands Government services

Part of its mission to serve the greater Filipino people through outstanding services, Admerex is working diligently to deploy DTI’s frontline customer service solution. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is working with Admerex in bringing more accessible services and information to the public, and are working hand in hand to setup and launch its frontline services. The contract, after having been opened for bids previously, was awarded to the local BPO last May 2020. The stronger and more robust customer service for DTI stakeholders is expected to go live in July 2020.

Admerex celebrates the year with #BreakFree

January 3, 2020

In conclusion of a productive 2019, Admerex went out with a blast at #BreakFree. The BPO company celebrated their end of year party last December 22nd at Xylo for the third consecutive time since 2017. Entering their 13th year in the BPO industry, the company predicts and astounding employee growth to 2,000 to support their growing customer base as they continue to provide services that are best-in-class.

In anticipation of the new year, Chief Executive Officer Rob Dizon in his opening remarks expressed, “We’ve done a lot of amazing and productive things together this 2019. With the new year on the horizon, I hope that we could continue to deliver on our promise for exceptional service. We are growing at a phenomenal pace and for all the effort we’ve exerted, thank you and congratulations!”

Admerex greets 2020 with a technological milestone

January 15, 2020

Admerex welcomes the new year with the official launch of its automated chatbot. The service was piloted last November 2019, and was met with great reviews from prospective applicants and employees alike for its ease of use and intuitiveness.This is Admerex’s first foray into artificial intelligence and signals the company’s preparedness for technological advancements. Admerex wants to be a company that invests in innovation and technologies that not only propel the company to exponential growth, but also connect with and help its clients and staff to flourish.

As of writing, the chatbot provides assistance to potential applicants and inquiring clients. It is expected that by February 2020, the chatbot development team will be in full swing creating more chatbots for Admerex’s future customers in this new line-of-business.

Making communications possible with Bubble

January 22, 2020

Not long after the official announcement of their Facebook page’s Messenger chat function, Admerex has just announced that it now includes development of automated chatbots in its wide array of services. Aptly named “Bubble”, the new service seeks to bolster customer experience by creating an easy and accessible communication tool that is customizable based on the requirements of today’s customers.

Admerex CMO, Briann Alix, comments “We are committed to diversify our services to serve our customers better. The combination of technology and human interaction is something that we are very obsessed with. What we’re trying to achieve here is to take communication online where it can be easily accessed and effectively used by a larger range of people. We are proud of our development team for putting this all together and we’re so excited to roll this out in the coming weeks.” The new service will go live by February 2020.

Admerex to unveil “The Nest”

January 30, 2020

With a projection of a company growth that will exceed 2,000 employees by the end of the year, Admerex expands its facilities with a new state-of-the-art Recruitment and Training hub. Dubbed as “The Nest”, this extension will process hundreds of daily applicants to support the growing demands of Admerex’s clients.

In unveiling “The Nest”, Admerex Human Resources Manager, Rica Velasco, says, “In this business, personal experience means everything. It is our commitment that we continuously innovate and improve the quality of our services when we onboard our new teammates. We are also excited that the facility will allow our learning and development team to roll out exceptional training programs that will certainly aid our new hires to excel much faster in their jobs once they are deployed to Operations.”

With construction on-going, The Nest will be operational by March 2020.

Admerex to house 2,000 employees by Q3

February 4, 2020

Since its operations in 2007, Admerex has reached a trusted partner by 22 clients with a variety of outsourcing services reaching a number of 37 active engagements representing their diversified business portfolio. It has grown to become the preferred outsourcing contact center today. The Rob Dizon-led BPO continues to seize opportunities to offer high-quality outsourcing services that is consistent and reliable.

Entering 2020, the thriving company is still growing at an exponential, but at a well-planned pace. It was reported that there is an approximate total of 12 lines of businesses incoming this year alone. The unprecedented growth of Admerex is known to be attributed to its consistent performance leading to a year-on-year increase of the demands of their present clientele.

The company employs over 1,600 people in the country and operates over 1,400 workstations in 4 business sites located in Makati, Mandaluyong, and Cebu. “We are very excited with the expansion of Admerex. With our heavy investments to our facilities to accommodate our growth, we expect many more local and foreign companies, to take advantage of our service capabilities and various outsourcing offerings,” says Paulo Aquino, Admerex’s Chief Operating Officer.

BPI kicks off the year with Admerex

February 6, 2020

Starting off their year by looking back to the past, BPI sales executives called on their partners last February 6 at Insular Tower, Makati in recognition and reevaluation of the efforts that were done on their behalf.

In their desire to be better and live up- if not, exceed- expectations to deliver real values with real results, Admerex along with other BPO agencies participated in the development program. Admerex COO Paulo Aquino noted, “While we are ecstatic to have exceeded the target last 2019, our strife for greatness doesn’t stop there. If anything, we’re just gearing up for more as we set up plans to surpass our goals and elevate our standards this 2020.”
BPI annually holds a kick off to review the progress of their partners and to discuss goals for the year ahead. Garnering praise and recognition for their “best-in-class” results, Admerex’s BPI sales team was acknowledged as the top performer for the whole of 2019.

Malaysian bank revisits the past year with Admerex

February 13, 2020

In celebrating the first year of their partnership, Admerex and CIMB held their first ever engagement together last February 13 at Coffee Project in L.P. Leviste, Makati. Led by CIMB CEO Vijay Manoharan, the event took a trip down memory lane – reviewing the progress and successes of the past year, and acknowledging agents who went above and beyond expectations in the field.

As the promising results have alluded to the potential development of CIMB and Admerex’s partnership, a good bulk of the planning prioritized setting goals, expectations, and quota to be achieved in 2020.

Admerex CEO Rob Dizon remarked, “As our relationship is still blooming, it’s okay not to know all the answers. In the process of learning things, of discovering what works best in the situations that we are put in, we need to continue working together. Ultimately, it’s the collective trust and effort that everyone in this room can invest that will drive us towards success.”

GSIS taps Admerex to be their nationwide Contact Center

February 18, 2020

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) previously called for bids to outsource its nationwide contact center activities. The omni-channel contact center requirement aims to better serve the public and respond to their queries and needs in all major communication platforms. GSIS announced the selection of Admerex to be its contact center solution provider last January 2020. Admerex came out on top versus 3 other bidders, highlighting its service delivery track record and its secure and efficient workplace protocols. The 3-year engagement is expected to go live in August 2020.

Admerex invests heavily on Digital Transformation

February 24, 2020

In line with their mission to improve the service they render from their digital processing systems, Admerex announced that it has allocated a total of Php500 million to be spent within the next 5 years to fund their infrastructure and technology upgrades.

Other than supporting the massive and continuous growth and expansion of the Contact Center, the transformation projects of Admerex’s IT Team equally seeks to strengthen their support and further improve other departments – and the organization as a whole – in fulfilling their function in the best possible way. As the hallmark of Admerex’s digital transformation includes various investments on hardware, software, cloud solutions, network rehabilitation, systems development, and application creation – the commitment to this investment is geared towards the improvement of the IT department’s overall service quality.

President and CEO Rob Dizon expressed, “We are preparing for 2025. The idea behind this [digital transformation] is to have a robust, reliable infrastructure and digital space that’s capable and equipped with handling processes that supports and carries the organization’s goal of producing happy experiences for our partners and clients.”

Initial modifications have already started last December 2019 – with Php100 million the half billion expense provision used for Admerex’s declared system upgrades by Q2 of 2020.

Admerex spearheads key initiative for PACAI

February 27, 2020

Held at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Ortigas last February 27-28, Admerex led and facilitated PACAI’s 2020 planning conference. This year’s conference aimed its attention on advancing the interests and promoting the professional business relations in the collections industry in the Philippines from 2020 onwards.

In its endeavor to strengthen, modernize, and transform the association within the next 2 years, the 10-year old organization with the aid of Admerex and other kay organization members planned out “game-changer” activities that will significantly position the association at the forefront of the collection industry, positively contributing and adding value to the overall debt collection industry.
Furthermore, the planning conference also sought to redefine the purpose of the organization and the goals of its members. Admerex CMO Briann Alix remarked, “inasmuch as we harbor this friendly competition against each other, we take our responsibility to serve seriously. This conference is vital to our growth. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day, we all share this common goal; to maintain the excellent standard that this prestigious association has set for us to fulfill our respective role in the industry.”

Established in 2010, the Philippine Association of Collection Agencies, Inc. – most commonly known as PACAI, has been at the pole position in promoting and maintaining the state of the collection industry in the country. Besides Admerex, the 2-day conference was participated by other notable BPOs in the country such as: 24K, Anchor, Arquillo, Bernales, Cases, GCCS, Greatsource, Lauron, Molaer, Pacer, SP Madrid, Synergy, Vision and RNL. On the 10th year since its inception, PACAI is in the midst of executing initiatives that will continue to enhance the association in its commitment to nurture professionalism, performance, and reliability in the collection industry.

Admerex Alto PCI DSS Certification

March 12, 2020

Admerex has been an advocate for stronger and reliable data security protocols for their partners and outsourcing services to guarantee customers’ data remains protected. Admerex’s Astra site has been Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) certified for several years now. Just recently, the coveted PCI-DSS certification was once again achieved for its Alto site in March 2020. Acquiring Level 1 certification, the highest security accreditation available for credit card information processing, this certification encompasses all aspects of payment card processing and transmission. Considered the golden standard by banks today, by hosting operational functions in Admerex’s PCI-compliant environments, both existing and incoming partners of the thriving BPO company are assured that customer information are handled and processed safely and securely.

Smart awards Admerex with new outsourcing contract

March 16, 2020

Smart Communications has recently awarded Admerex with a new outsourcing engagement and is now their partner for their needs in both Customer Service and Early Stage Collections. Admerex recently won the bid for Smart’s Contact Center project in March 16, coming out on top against 5 other Contact Center vendors. Admerex is a 100% Filipino-owned BPO that provides a variety of outsourcing services such as revenue generation (sales), credit verification, receivables management, customer experience, and Chatbot development services to a wide range of clients. The new line-of-business has gone live in April 16.

Admerex offering essential services for present-day needs

May 27, 2020

Admerex is aggressively investing in state-of-the-art technologies that will help its customers get powerful solutions that fit their needs. The Automated Chatbot dubbed “Bubble” is the company’s latest offering for cutting edge customer service and improved processes. The new service was officially launched last February 2020. The new service seeks to bolster customer experience by building an accessible and customizable communication tool based on the requirements of today’s customers under the so-called “new normal”.

In a time when people are highly dependent on intelligent technologies to address their needs, services like Bubble aim to contribute in making people’s lives easier and manageable. For inquiries, you may reach Business Development Officer, Rennan Guanlao via mobile at 09184143081 or email at

Admerex strengthens protective measures against Covid-19

While Admerex remains active in its measures to protect its teammates from the Coronavirus since January, the unprecedented rise of documented cases in the country – specifically in Metro Manila – pushed the organization to further strengthen its preemptive actions.

In an announcement last March 14, Admerex President and CEO, Rob Dizon assured all employees that Senior Leadership have been implementing the necessary precautionary measures to help limit exposure, aid in detection, and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. “We ask [the Admerex community] for your cooperation in the coming weeks. Together, we will fight and beat this threat.”

Among the various measures that Admerex have employed include bi-hourly disinfection activities, from work areas up to elevator buttons, biometrics, door knobs and handles in all sites; provision of individual face masks and face shields to employees working on-site; and free accommodation and shuttle services for its skeletal workforce.

Admerex sets sail with The Ark

In response to the revised guidelines of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) for the BPO industry, Admerex has refurbished its Astra location into “The Ark” to provide accommodation for board and lodging to its hardworking teammates. Designed to offer available space for essential living activities like resting areas, kitchen area, laundry area, and leisure space, The Ark will serve as a temporary lodging space for teammates who have volunteered to steer the skeletal workforce operations of the company as part of its business continuity protocol.

While basic personal necessities are required from each housemate of The Ark, amenities for entertainment and residency are provided – internet connectivity, perishables, soap, sleeping furnishings – so long as teammates pass the safety and precautionary measures of the facility against coronavirus.

As residency began on March 23, the Ark is expected to initially accommodate 50 teammates and grow to 100 as the weeks progress until the ECQ is lifted, where it is expected that there will be an ease to present transportation restrictions.

RCBC and Admerex enter new engagement

April 16, 2020

After finalizing discussions, RCBC, one of the Philippines’ largest banks, is expanding with Admerex for its increasing outsourcing requirements. A long-standing partner since 2008, the RCBC-Admerex relationship started with Credit Card collections services for RCBC-Bankard. In the latest agreement, Admerex will be providing collections and repossessions services for the Personal Loan and Auto Loan portfolio of the bank. The new line of business is expeted to commence this June 2020. Both RCBC and Admerex are currently in other discussions for more outsourcing opportunities between the two companies.

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