Sales (Direct and Tele-Sales)

Admerex’s revenue generation solutions (sales) deliver positive impact to the annual revenue for clients via a comprehensive suite of integrated offerings designed to grow existing revenue, retain valuable customers, and target new markets.

Receivables Management

Helps clients manage the rapidly changing requirements of its customer base by providing expertise in contact management and seamless staffing and manpower compliment.

Debt Recoveries

Admerex manages over US$1B worth of customer debt entrusted by their clients. Admerex helps improve the delinquency rates of its clients by executing proven and tested strategies, tailor-fit to the requirements of their customers.

Customer Service

Admerex’s solutions are specifically tailored to improve each customer’s end-to-end experience, helping build brand loyalty and drive the highest levels of satisfaction across all customer interaction channels in traditional and emerging media.

Consultation Services

Admerex’s consultants deliver industry-best, innovative and high-quality customer-centric solutions that drive enhanced market share, increased revenue, improved customer segmentation strategies, actionable data analytics and optimized business processes and operations.

Automation and Analytics

Admerex’s CRM technology allows them to provide accurate and useful feedback and insights to their clients, which are aimed at improving both their business processes and ultimately their financial returns. Admerex has the ability to predict consumer behavioral scores.

Credit Verification Services

The most critical part of the credit/collection function is granting credit to prospective customers. Admerex can complete business-to-business credit verification and business-to-individual as well.

Fraud Monitoring

Helps clients to identify suspicious behavior based on metrics such as identity, location, transaction size and transaction frequency, and take steps to shut down the fraudulent activity immediately.

Seat Hosting

Seat leasing is a popular office space option – for it’s cost effective and efficient. Also enables companies to start up operations immediately, without having to worry about additional set-up expense. Admerex provides a solution to support these start-up requirements.

Workforce Services

Admerex provides flexible and scalable recruitment solutions which can include anything from sourcing and selection to onboarding talent. Our innovative approach ensures the results you need — greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience and improved talent quality.